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32.5% vehicle urea solution for SCR system

32.5% vehicle urea solution for SCR system
32.5% vehicle urea solution for SCR system
27 tons
100,000 tons
SCR system
The usual concentration of vehicle urea solution is 32.5%. This data is strictly calculated. The urea used in vehicles is in liquid state, and the flexible packaging is easier to use and carry.

What is Vehicle urea ?

Vehicle urea, also known as urea solution or blue urea solution, is a chemical liquid used in diesel vehicle exhaust treatment systems. It is widely used in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel vehicle exhaust. Urea for vehicles is a solution mixed with high-purity urea and distilled water in a certain proportion.



Urea concentration: Urea for vehicles is usually supplied at a concentration of 32.5%. This concentration is precisely controlled to ensure optimum catalytic performance and reduced emissions in the SCR system.

Purity requirements: urea for vehicles needs to have high purity, and the impurity content of urea is usually required to be lower than a specific limit value. High-purity urea helps ensure proper operation and long-term stability of the SCR system.

Packaging specifications: Urea for vehicles is often sold in containers or barrels of different specifications to meet the needs of different users. Common packaging specifications include 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters and 200 liters.

Storage and use temperature: The storage and use temperature of vehicle urea is generally between -11°C and 30°C. In low temperature environments, urea for vehicles may crystallize, so corresponding precautions need to be taken when using it in low temperature conditions.

For example:

A diesel vehicle owner purchased a 20-liter barrel of urea for vehicles. He injected automotive urea into the vehicle's urea tank, a storage unit separate from the diesel fuel tank. Vehicle urea will be extracted and used according to the needs of the exhaust gas treatment system during the operation of the vehicle.

When a diesel vehicle is started, the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust will enter the SCR system through the exhaust pipe. In the SCR system, urea for vehicles will be injected into the exhaust gas to react with the nitrogen oxides therein. Under the action of the SCR catalyst, ammonia (NH3) in urea for vehicles undergoes a selective catalytic reduction reaction with nitrogen oxides, converting them into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water vapor (H2O). This significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions in the exhaust of diesel vehicles.

By using urea for vehicles, car owners can comply with environmental regulations and reduce the load on the environment. The use of urea for vehicles can effectively help vehicles meet emission standards and reduce pollution to the atmospheric environment.

The use of urea for vehicles is very simple. On the instrument panel of the vehicle, there is usually a urea liquid level indicator for displaying the liquid level in the urea tank. When the liquid level is close to the bottom, the car owner only needs to purchase an appropriate amount of urea for vehicles, and according to the suggestion of the vehicle manufacturer, use a specially designed urea injection port or an inverted urea injection device to add urea into the urea tank.

Precautions for use

When using urea for vehicles, car owners should follow the following precautions:

Use regular channels to purchase high-quality urea for vehicles to ensure that the purity and concentration of urea meet the requirements.

Avoid mixing urea for vehicles with other liquids, so as not to affect the normal operation of the SCR system.

In low temperature environment, especially in cold winter, pay attention to the storage and use temperature of vehicle urea to avoid crystallization and freezing.

Regularly check the urea level indicator, and add vehicle urea in time as needed.

As a key component of the exhaust gas treatment system of modern diesel vehicles, urea for vehicles plays an important role in protecting the environment and improving air quality. It effectively reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and helps car owners and vehicles meet the requirements of environmental regulations. At the same time, the use of urea for vehicles also helps to prolong the service life of SCR systems and diesel vehicles, and improve fuel economy and performance.

In short, urea for vehicles is a chemical liquid used for diesel vehicle exhaust treatment. It can reduce exhaust pollutant emissions by catalytic reaction with nitrogen oxides in the SCR system. It is convenient and simple to use, can effectively protect the environment and meet emission standards.

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