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Shandong Lingguan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Lingguan Intelligent) is the leading manufacturer of filling equipment in China. Leading Intelligent has unique advantages in leading the development of the industry in the field of vehicle urea equipment and vehicle urea.

Shandong Lingguan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced development equipment and a top technical team. Lingguan focus on vehicle urea and its production equipment, and dedicate to sales and technology development of vehicle urea related products, automated machinery and equipment processing, assembly, sales, warehousing and logistics, focusing on the production and service of liquid filling machines and industrial chain. The company was established in 2012, the company has international trade department, logistics department, quality control department, storage and transportation department, warehouse management department, administration department, etc. The company has a strong and professional logistics distribution center to ensure that every customer can use high-quality products in a shorter time. Promote the development of the manufacturing industry with a professional production service team.


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If you plan to introduce advanced vehicles urea production line equipment or purchase vehicle urea, please contact us immediately to obtain favorable prices.