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Full Line Liquid Bag Filling Machine : A Great Addition for Lubrican, Antifreeze, Adblue

Full Line Liquid Bag Filling Machine : A Great Addition for Lubrican, Antifreeze, Adblue
Full Line Liquid Bag Filling Machine : A Great Addition for Lubrican, Antifreeze, Adblue
Place of origin
Shandong, China
15.5KW 380V 50Hz
Core component
PLC, motor
Filling speed
360 bags/h (10L bag)
Filling accuracy
Whether it's lubricants, antifreeze, or Adblue, a reliable liquid bag filling machine can streamline the packaging process, ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction. This article explores the benefits and features of a full line liquid bag filling machine and its significance in the packaging industry.
Full Line Liquid Bag Filling Machine : A Great Addition for Lubrican, Antifreeze, Adblue

The full line liquid bag filling machine , which integrates soldering, film pulling, and bag making, achieves precise workflow under the operation and control of PLC. This is an ideal equipment that can be applied in the chemical industry and is suitable for lubrican, antifreeze and adblue . Its design reduces the contact time between the liquid material and the external environment, providing a sterile and hygienic condition.


  • The operator must be familiar with the basic structure, basic performance and use of the equipment, must be familiar with the adjustment of output, temperature and packaging quality, and must be familiar with the instructions and instructions on the touch screen and the functions of the instructions and instructions. effect.

  • Before starting up:

  1. Lubricating parts must be filled with lubricating oil.

  2. Check whether the film on the film delivery rack is placed in the central position. The rollers in the film delivery press the film roll. After the film enters the traction wheel, open the lower door and check whether the tightness and feel of both sides of the film are consistent.

  3. Whether the water in the ultrasonic water tank has been added to the proper water level.

  4. Whether the product water in the immersion sterile water tank has reached the liquid level.

  5. Adjust the pointer of the voltage regulator to the scale line of 115V ~ 160V, and the heat sealing temperature must rise to the required temperature.

  6. When adding a water intake seat during production, check whether the water intake seat has been added to the lid sorter.

  • After turning on the main power switch, touch the display screen, when the manual operation or automatic operation screen appears on the display screen, then open the system operation instructions, and operate according to the requirements of the operation instructions.

  • Start-up sequence: Turn on the main power switch → touch the display screen → touch the temperature (middle seal, horizontal seal) command → touch the heating command → touch the single action command → traction → middle seal heat sealing (after the middle seal heat seal twice) → touch Horizontal sealing command, after horizontal sealing and heat sealing → touch the start command (the equipment will work in a fully automatic state). If a fault occurs during the production process, immediately press the emergency stop switch next to the touch screen, and then start the machine according to the starting sequence after the fault is eliminated.

  • Shutdown sequence: Touch the stop command or press the emergency stop switch next to the touch screen, that is, the whole machine stops working, and then turn off the main power switch.

  • The temperature of the middle seal and horizontal seal is set according to the thickness of the film, so as to achieve firmness and no nylon smell is the best. Cutting is cold cutting, if it is cut continuously or with burrs, a new blade must be replaced.

  • The length of the packaging bag is determined by the speed and time. It is necessary to adjust the length of the bag or the shortness of the bag, and adjust the film feeding length command on the touch screen according to the output to reach the required length.

  • The filling accuracy is controlled by the touch screen command through the filling pump and high-precision pinch valve to complete the filling accuracy. The data of the photoelectric hydraulic control should be adjusted more or less before filling, and it should be guaranteed as much as possible;

  • The semi-automatic film splicing device is when one roll of film is used up, the next roll is activated, the head and tail of the upper and lower rolls of film are placed flat on the heat sealer, and the "film splicing heating" button is pressed on the touch screen.

  • The extrusion exhaust system is driven by the main motor of the film pulling. If there is still a lot of air in the water bag, the position of the photoelectric and the return ball valve must be adjusted to ensure that there is very little air in the water bag. as standard.

  • The mechanism for fully automatic connection of water intake nozzles must first add about 300 qualified water intake nozzles to the cap sorter, and then turn on the automatic switch. The next steps of cap sorting, cap delivery, heating, positioning, and welding The set program will automatically complete the welding process.

Conclusion:A full line liquid bag filling machine is an invaluable addition to any packaging operation dealing with lubricants, antifreeze, or Adblue. With enhanced efficiency, accurate filling, versatility, and product integrity, these machines streamline the packaging process, ensuring customer satisfaction and cost savings. By investing in this advanced technology, businesses can stay competitive in the ever-evolving packaging industry.

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Name: Justin        time:2023-06-29 16:29:57
Our factory is for auto parts. This filling machine can fill motor oil and adblue efficiently and aseptically. It only needs two workers and is not difficult to operate. The flexible packaging bag saves packaging costs and transportation space. It can fill about 10 tons per day. Value for money!

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