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High quality urea particle for SCR DEF fertilizer

High quality urea particle for SCR DEF fertilizer
High quality urea particle for SCR DEF fertilizer
High quality urea particle for SCR DEF fertilizer
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To ensure the effectiveness of SCR DEF fertilizer, high-quality urea particle is required. The purity of the urea is critical, as any impurities can cause the SCR system to malfunction. Impurities such as biuret, which is a byproduct of urea production, can cause the formation of deposits in the SCR system, reducing its efficiency and potentially causing damage.

Urea is a widely used fertilizer in agriculture due to its high nitrogen content, which is essential for plant growth. However, in recent years, urea particle has also become an important component in the production of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems in diesel engines. High-quality urea is crucial for the effectiveness of SCR DEF, as it directly affects the performance of the system.

SCR DEF is a technology used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engines. The system works by injecting DEF, which is a solution of urea and deionized water, into the exhaust stream. The heat from the exhaust causes the urea to break down into ammonia and carbon dioxide. The ammonia then reacts with the NOx in the exhaust to form harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

High-quality urea particle for SCR DEF must meet strict industry standards, such as the ISO 22241 standard. This standard specifies the minimum purity requirements for urea used in SCR systems, including a maximum biuret content of 0.3%. Urea that meets these standards is known as DEF-grade urea.


  • Fully automatic ultra-pure water production equipment, equipped with American Hyde Energy RO membrane and Canadian Kemflo EDI, can effectively remove calcium, magnesium, iron and other ions in water. The produced pure water has been tested by authoritative departments and has reached the national first-class water standard, which is higher than the national standard requirements, ensuring product quality from the source.

  • The equipment adopts a multi-stage filtration process, including activated carbon filtration, filter bag filtration, filter element filtration, and ultrafiltration system, to achieve a multi-level and multi-combination filtration process. The product has a clearer appearance and more stable quality.


DEF-grade urea is produced using a specialized process that removes impurities and ensures a high level of purity. The urea particle is first dissolved in water and then filtered to remove any impurities. The solution is then evaporated to remove the water, leaving behind pure urea crystals. These crystals are then crushed into a fine powder and packaged for use in SCR DEF systems.

In addition to meeting purity standards, high-quality urea particle for SCR DEF fertilizer must also be stored and handled properly. Urea is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air. This can cause the urea to clump together, making it difficult to handle and potentially causing blockages in the SCR system. To prevent this, urea should be stored in a dry, cool place and handled with care to avoid any moisture contamination.

In conclusion, high-quality urea particle is essential for the effectiveness of SCR DEF systems in reducing NOx emissions from diesel engines. DEF-grade urea that meets industry standards for purity and is stored and handled properly is crucial for the proper functioning of the SCR system. As the demand for SCR DEF systems continues to grow, the importance of high-quality urea will only increase.

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Granular urea is a must-have for any diesel vehicle owner. It's easy to use and has a positive impact on the environment. I highly recommend it!

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