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New Packing Solution Adblue for WEICHAI : Bags in One Box

New Packing Solution Adblue for WEICHAI : Bags in One Box
New Packing Solution Adblue for WEICHAI : Bags in One Box
New Packing Solution Adblue for WEICHAI : Bags in One Box
27 tons
100,000 tons
SCR system
WEICHAI has always responded to the national “Double Carbon” policy and is committed to environmental protection. This time, after several months of inspection and audit, it has reached a cooperation with Lingguan to introduce adblue in the form of flexible packing bag solution to the market, gradually replacing barreled adblue.


Weifang Diesel Engine Factory was formally established in 1946 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of diesel engines in China. From the 1950s to the early 1980s, Weichai Plant successively developed and produced a variety of medium-speed diesel engines ranging from 51 kW to 99 kW. Weichai has research and development platforms such as the National Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine and Power System, the National Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Engineering Technology Research Center, the National Commercial Vehicle and Construction Machinery New Energy Power System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance, and the National Professional Maker Space. There are research bases such as "Academician Workstation" and "Postdoctoral Workstation", and a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration base. Established R&D centers in Weifang, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chongqing, Yangzhou and other places in China, and set up cutting-edge technology innovation centers in many places around the world, and built a global collaborative R&D platform to ensure that the company's technological level is always at the forefront of the world.


Why Flexible Packaging Bags Will Become a New Trend ?

1. 10kg flexible packaging instead of barrels, a single car can reduce the generation of 45kg of plastic waste for the society every year.

2. The flexible packaging film meets the requirements of food-grade packaging, and the closed filling is pollution-free.

3. The static pressure test of a single bag reaches more than 500 catties, and the drop reaches more than 2 meters without damage. It is not afraid of pressure or stepping, only afraid of acupuncture.

4. Fully enclosed packaging to extend the storage period

5. It only takes more than 20 seconds to fill one time, and it takes 70 seconds to fill the traditional PE barrel packaging. The filling time is shortened by 3 times, which greatly reduces the physical strength of card users.

6. The transportation is safer and more reliable.

7. It is not necessary to fill it completely, tighten it and seal it, and save it for the next use.

8. The transfer box can be used as a storage box or a toolbox for card lovers, and it can also be recycled and reused. Two bags in one box , protection and saving space .

9. The plastic weight of packaging products is only 40g, which reduces white waste by 280g per barrel compared with plastic barrels, and reduces raw material costs by 7 yuan per unit of packaging.



Pallet transportation, stacking 5 boxes in a single height, 9 boxes in each layer, 45 boxes in full pallet (net weight 0.9 tons), and finally wrapping film with multi-layer tight winding protection.



The new packing solution Adblue complies with the national "double-carbon" policy, and uses a high-pressure co-extruded film instead of the traditional PE plastic barrel on the package. The net content of 10kg flexible packaging can replace 20kg barrels, and a single car can save 45kg of plastic waste for the society every year. The lightweight design of flexible packaging film can help enterprises to protect the natural environment to the greatest extent while reducing overall costs, and provide enterprises with competitive advantages in the market.

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