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The adblue (urea) filling equipment consists of several components such as a conveyor system, weighing system, filling nozzle, and control system. The conveyor system is responsible for transporting the containers to the filling station, while the weighing system accurately measures the amount of urea being filled into each container.

The filling nozzle is designed to fit various container sizes and shapes, ensuring that the filling process is quick and precise. The control system monitors the entire filling process, ensuring that the equipment operates smoothly and efficiently.

Adblue (Urea) filling equipment is available in different configurations, including semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Semi-automatic models require operator intervention to load and unload containers, while fully automatic models can operate continuously without any operator intervention.

In conclusion, Adblue filling equipment is an essential tool for the efficient and accurate filling of urea into various containers. Its various components, including the conveyor system, weighing system, filling nozzle, and control system, work together to ensure that the filling process is quick and precise.


  • Yes, some AdBlue filling machines can be customized or adapted to meet specific requirements. Customization options may include filling volume adjustments, container size compatibility, automation integration, and other features to suit your operational needs.

  • AdBlue filling machines are specifically designed for handling AdBlue fluid. While some machines may have interchangeable components to handle different fluids, it is generally recommended to use dedicated equipment for AdBlue to prevent contamination.

  • AdBlue filling machines can handle a range of container sizes, including small bottles, drums, and larger storage tanks. The machine's design and specifications will determine the compatible container sizes. It is important to choose a machine that matches the container sizes required for your application.

  • The specific operation of an AdBlue filling machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Generally, the machine dispenses AdBlue fluid from a storage tank or container, measures the desired volume, and fills the containers through a nozzle or spout. Some machines may incorporate automation features like pumps, flow meters, and control systems for accurate and controlled filling.

  • It depends on the specific chemical liquid filling machine you are referring to. Some chemical liquid filling machines may be suitable for filling Adblue, while others may not be.The model TJS-810-FE filling machine made by Lingguan can be suitable for filling adblue .