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Automatic filling capping machine is a three-in-one machine integrating soft bag forming, filling and covering. Suitable for vehicle urea, drinking fluid, etc. The design of liquid filling machine can shorten the contact time of liquid material and the outside world, and improve the sanitary conditions through economic benefits.

The equipment consists of a filling machine, a storage tank, and a pipeline system. The filling machine is responsible for accurately measuring and filling the urea into the containers or tanks. The storage tank is used to store the urea prior to filling, and the pipeline system connects the storage tank to the filling machine.

The filling machine is typically made of stainless steel and is equipped with a weighing system to ensure accurate filling. The machine can be operated manually or automatically depending on the specific application. The storage tank is also made of stainless steel and is designed to withstand the corrosive properties of urea.

The pipeline system is made of materials that are resistant to the corrosive properties of urea. The system includes valves, pumps, and filters to ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of urea from the storage tank to the filling machine.


  • Bag filling machines incorporate various mechanisms to ensure accurate filling. These can include weighing scales, load cells, or volumetric dosing systems to measure the precise quantity of product. The machines can be equipped with sensors and controls to monitor and adjust the filling process, maintaining consistent fill weights or volumes.

  • Yes, bag filling machines can often integrate with other packaging equipment, such as bag sealers, printers, labeling machines, and conveyor systems. This integration allows for a seamless packaging line that enhances productivity and efficiency.

  • Yes, bag filling machines can be designed for both manual and automatic operation. Manual bag filling machines are typically operated by an operator who places the bag and initiates the filling process, while automatic bag filling machines are equipped with sensors and controls to perform the bag filling process automatically without operator intervention.

  • Yes, bag filling machines can typically handle a range of bag sizes and weights. The machine can be adjusted or configured to accommodate different bag dimensions, and the weighing or dosing system can be calibrated to fill the desired weight of the product accurately.

  • The specific operation of a bag filling machine may vary depending on the machine's design and features. Generally, the machine includes a product hopper, weighing or dosing system, bag opening mechanism, and filling chute. The bag is placed in the machine, and the product is dispensed or weighed and then directed into the bag through the filling chute. Once filled, the bag is sealed, and it can be discharged for further packaging or transportation.

  • Bag filling machines can be used to fill various products, including dry goods, powders, granules, seeds, pet food, chemicals, fertilizers, and more. The machine's design and configuration are optimized for the specific product being filled to ensure accurate and efficient packaging.

  • Bag filling machines can handle a wide range of bag types, including pillow bags, gusseted bags, stand-up pouches, flat bags, valve bags, and more. The machine can be customized or adjusted to accommodate different bag sizes, shapes, and materials, such as paper, plastic, or woven polypropylene.

  • A bag filling machine is a type of equipment used to automatically fill bags with various types of products. It is commonly used in industries such as food, agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. Bag filling machines streamline the packaging process by accurately measuring and filling bags with the desired quantity of product.

  • An AdBlue filling machine is a specialized equipment designed to accurately and efficiently fill AdBlue into the appropriate containers, such as bottles, drums, or tanks. It ensures proper dispensing of the AdBlue fluid for use in vehicles equipped with SCR systems.

  • The cost of a bag filling machine can vary widely based on various factors such as machine type, capacity, features, brand and specific requirements of the application. Bag filling machines range from small semi-automatic models to large fully automatic systems. Typically, smaller, simpler bag fillers start at $3,000. However, larger, more sophisticated, higher-production machines can run from $20,000 to $400,000 or more. It is important to note that the cost of the machine is not the only factor to consider. Additional costs may include installation, training, maintenance, and any custom or optional features required for your specific application. To get an accurate cost estimate, it is recommended to contact Lingguan Intelligent Bag Making Machine manufacturer or supplier. We can provide details on specific models and configurations that meet your requirements and provide you with pricing information.

  • Yes, bag filling machines can be used to fill chemical powders. Bag filling machines are specifically designed to package various powders, granular substances, and other materials into bags or containers. They can be customized and adjusted to meet the specific requirements of different powder products. These machines typically employ advanced technology and equipment to ensure accurate filling and packaging of the powder. They can automate operations such as bag opening, powder metering, powder filling, and sealing. Some filling machines also provide dust control measures to ensure the safety of operators and the quality of the product.