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Soil bagging machine :Easy to operate

Soil bagging machine :Easy to operate
Soil bagging machine :Easy to operate
15.5KW 380V 50Hz
Driven type
Electric, pneumatic
Packing type
Soft bag
Core component
PLC, motor
Soil bagging filling machines are easy to operate and maintain. They come with a user-friendly interface that allows operators to control the machine with ease.

The multifunctional bagging filling machine is a versatile machine that can fill, bag, cap, seal and label products with ease. It is suitable for packaging various products such as powders, granules , like sand and soil . The machine's ability to perform multiple functions in one go has made it a favorite among manufacturers in China.

The soil bagging machine is a new generation of intelligent packaging machine, suitable for various granular and powdery materials, such as: fertilizer, chemical, seed, feed and other loose materials, as well as the sewing process after packaging.



Brand : Lingguan

Place of origin : Shandong, Jinan

Function : filling, sealing , packaging, metering

Voltage : 380

Degree of automation : fully automatic

Applicable industries : food, hardware, machinery, chemical industry, catering, daily chemical, medicine, home textile

After-sales service: The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (except wearing parts)

Temperature range: -10℃~40℃

Quantitative packaging scale use process: 

The conveyor assists in bagging, automatic weighing, bag clamping, filling, and automatic sealing or sewing of bags through conveyor belt transmission.



1. The 10-50kg compound fertilizer BB fertilizer granule quantitative packaging machine adopts microcomputer programming control processing technology, and has a bucket-type metering method, which does not affect the feeding while bagging and unloading. It saves one-third of the operation time, simple operation, high precision and fast speed.

2. The weighing range of the machine is 10kg-25kg25kg-50kg, the filling speed is 750-950 bags/hour, 400-750 bags/hour, the packaging accuracy is ±, the power supply is 220V, 0.1KW, the weight of the whole machine It is 380KG, and the size of the whole machine is 920*850*2570mm .

3. The part of the equipment in contact with the material is made of stainless steel to improve the corrosion resistance .


The  soil bagging machine is an equipment that uses automatic instruments to quickly pack items and pack them well, and is widely used in various packaging industries.

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Name: Vincent        time:2023-05-31 10:25:10
This filling machine is a great investment for any business that needs to fill containers on a regular basis. It's easy to use, has a small footprint, and has significantly improved our production process. Highly recommend!

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