YY lashes vs hybrid

YY lashes vs hybrid
As the beauty industry continues to evolve, so do the options for eyelash extensions. Two popular options are YY Lashes and Hybrid Lashes. Both offer unique benefits, but which one is best for you?

YY lashes, also known as Russian volume lashes, is a technique of applying multiple layers of ultra-fine lashes to one natural lash. This creates a fuller and more dramatic look. YY lashes are perfect for those who want a more glamorous and bold look. They're also great for those with sparse natural lashes, as they create the illusion of more lashes.


YY lashes are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are made of high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of natural lashes. YY lashes are also highly customizable, available in different lengths, thicknesses and curls to suit your preferences.

Hybrid lashes, on the other hand, are a combination of classic lashes and fuller lashes. The technique involves applying a mix of individual extensions and fan curlers to natural lashes. This creates a more natural-looking lash line than YY lashes, while still adding volume and length.

Blended lashes are great for those who want a subtler, more natural look. They're also great for those who have sparse natural lashes and want to fill in the gaps. Hybrid lashes are also customizable, available in different lengths, thicknesses and curls.

Both YY lashes and hybrid lashes have their pros and cons. YY lashes are perfect for special occasions or when wanting a more dramatic look. However, they require more maintenance and can be more expensive. Blended lashes, on the other hand, are great for everyday wear and require less maintenance. However, they may not provide as thick lashes as YY lashes.


When choosing between YY lashes and blended lashes, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. If you want a more dramatic look and don't mind the upkeep, YY Lashes might be just for you. If you want a more natural look with less maintenance, blended lashes may be a better option.

Other comparisons

YY lashes and hybrid lashes are two different types of lashes, which differ in structure and appearance. Below I will detail them and give examples:

YY eyelashes (also known as artificial eyelashes):

  • YY eyelashes are man-made, usually made of synthetic fibers or artificial hair, such as nylon or polyester.

  • They are characterized as dense, thick and even for dramatic results.

  • YY lashes usually have lashes of similar length and shape, making the eyes look more exaggerated and glamorous.

  • For example, the YY lashes from the D series may give you a "Doll (doll)" effect, the YY lashes from the C series may make your lashes look thicker, and the YY lashes from the L series may increase the volume of your eyes. length etc.

Blending Lashes:

  • Hybrid eyelashes are made by mixing natural eyelashes and artificial fibers.

  • They feature added length and volume to natural lashes while maintaining a somewhat natural finish.

  • Hybrid lashes use natural lashes and artificial fibers of different lengths and shapes to create more dimension and volume.

  • For example, hybrid lashes can use shorter natural lashes in the corners of the eyes and longer artificial fibers in the center, which can add some drama while maintaining a natural look.


YY eyelashes are artificial eyelashes with thick, uniform and exaggerated effect. Different series of YY eyelashes can bring different effects, such as adding length, density or adding eye shape. Whereas, hybrid lashes are a blend of natural lashes and artificial fibers to create a more natural but voluminous effect. Hybrid lashes add length and volume while maintaining a natural look, typically using natural lashes and artificial fibers of varying lengths and shapes to achieve this effect.

In conclusion, both YY lashes and blended lashes have unique advantages that can enhance your natural beauty. Be sure to consult a professional lash stylist to determine the best option for you based on the look and lifestyle you want.

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