Why we choose premade fans?

Why we choose premade fans?
What are premade fans?How to choose the best premade fans?How to pick up premade lash fans?Tips to use premade volume lashes.

What are premade fans?

Premade lash fans are machine-made volume fans Which are individual lashes bonded together to create volume fans for quick lash applications.They can be used to get various kinds of styles.

Premade fans can be used in different styles

Whether it's fluffy lashes or a more defined eyeliner volume look, there are different options of premade lash fans available to support the look you are after.



Very natural volume lash style: 2D, 3D Short-stem fans

If you want to create a very natural volume style, use short stem premade lashes with fewer extensions like Volume 2D or Volume 3D. 

Fluffy volume lash style:  4D, 5D, 6D Short-stem fans

Use short stem premade fan lash extensions. Wider width volume fans like Volume 4D Lash, Volume 5D Lash, and Volume 6D Lash are great choices for this style. 

Dramatic Mega volume lash style: 10D, 20D Short-stem fan

Mega volume requires 10D to 20D of 0.03-0.05. Originally only available for handmade volumes but now you can easily create Mega volume style with products like Volume 10D Lash and Volume 20D Lash. 

Eyeliner effect volume lash style: 3D, 5D Long-stem fans

A beautiful set of volume lashes creates a defining eyeliner effect. With long stem lash fans like 3D and 5D Lash, you can create a volume lash look under two hours. 

How to pick up premade lash fans ?


For long-stem lash fans, pick up gently from the middle of the stem, detach the fan from the sticker, then pick up from the root.

For shorter stem lash fans, pick up from the root, transfer the fan into a sticker, and re-pick up from the middle of the fan. 

Here are some tips when using premade volume lashes.

  1. Choose a fan with the right thickness & weight for your client’s natural lash. 

  2. Never apply one volume fan on multiple natural lashes. 

  3. Do not use too much glue as it will make the base of the fan too thick.

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