Strip lashes are made of single strip lashes, but DIY lash extensions come in several short pcs, clients can use the tweezers to hold the DIY lash fibers to apply in one section of eyelids. Compared with the strip lashes, DIY lash extensions are much more customizable, they can be applied closer to lash line.Compared with other types of lash extensions, It’s much easier for clients to do lash extensions at home, without going to find an experienced lash technician. DIY lash extensions are the best alternative lash extensions to get an “extension lash look”.


While this does not necessarily apply to professionally applied extensions, your DIY lash extensions are completely reusable. They just need gentle cleaning and drying between wears, and they'll last for months. 

Time saver 

You'll save time doing your eye makeup, Because no more mascara and eyeliner for you! 

They can get wet

Professionally applied extensions can get wet, and even DIY lashes can tolerate getting a little damp.( As long as they don’t come into contact with water for a full 24 to 48 hours after application )

Highly Customizable 

Strip lashes are not customizable at all(as you see them in the package you place them on your eyelid completely) But you may want lashes made with thick fibers or thin wispy ones, or even a combination. DIY lashes can satisfy you.

More Comfortable 

DIY lashes are lighter weight than strip lashes, so they don't feel as bulky on your lash line. They are segmented (3-5 pcs one eye) to better fit the shape of your eyes so they are more comfortable


We've already discovered the overall longer lifespan plays an important role. Another thing to be considered is that strip lashes are more likely to lift and come unstuck mid-wear. DIY lashes are far less likely to lift in the same place, but if they do, they're easier to fix. 

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