How to make spikes for lash extension

How to make spikes for lash extension
How to create spikes by beginner? How to make wet lash? How do wispy lashes' map like? Step to make spikes.Mega easy ways to make spikes.

What Are Lash Extension Spikes?

Spikes are long individual lashes or closed volume flares that add texture to a shorter set of lash extensions. Spikes arelonger than the base of the set and distributed at equal distances across the lash line. They can be added to any type oflash extension, including classics, volumes, and hybrids.

You can create spikes using only classic lashes – all you need to do is distribute a few longer lashes throughout your set.For a volume set, you’ll want to apply closed-volume fans that are a little longer than the majority of volume fans.

How to Make Spikes With Volume Lashes


Primer Method

This first method is simple and beginner-friendly, so give it a try if you’re still at the beginning of your lashing journey.

1- Separate With Primer

For this method, you’ll need your lashes, a lint-free applicator, lash extension primer, tweezers, and adhesive. Dip your applicator into the primer, and then gently run it over the tips of the lashes. The primer will help them to clump together 


2- Remove from Row

Use your tweezers to separate out a small clump of lashes, and pull them off of the row. As you’re pulling them off,make sure they stay together and that the tweezers don’t accidentally cause them to fan out.


3- Dip in Adhesive

Dip the base of your lash spike in adhesive, and gently wipe it off on the ridge of your container or ring to removeexcess glue. This will also help ensure the base stays closed.

4- Map and Apply

Finally, you can place your lash spikes in a container for later use or use them right away following a wispy or spikey lash map.

Dipping Method

This method is a little more advanced, but it’s easier once you have the experience and control of your tweezers.


1- Grab Lashes on An Angle

To start, prepare your lashes in front of you, along with a pair of tweezers, and lash adhesive inside a dispenser or glue ring.

Separate out the number of lashes you want to use in your spikey fan with your tweezers. Then, angle your tweezers sothat they pinch the lashes closed as you grab them.

2- Remove From Row 

With the tweezers still pinching the lash cluster, pull the lashes forward and off the strip.


3- Dip in Adhesive

Finally, dip the base of the lashes into the adhesive. Then, run the lashes through the ridge on the outer edge of youradhesive dispenser. This will seal the bottom and ensure the lashes spike close nicely.

4- Use or Save 

When you’re done, you can use the lash spikes right away or save them for later.


Can you use classic lashes to make spikes?

You can definitely use long classic lashes to add spikes to a classic or hybrid set.That said, never use classic lashes to create a closed-volume fan, as they’re too thick and the combined weight could damage your client’s natural lashes.

How many lashes are in a spike?

A volume lash spike can have anywhere from two to 5 lashes, depending on the thickness of the lashes you choose, what your client’s lashes can handle safely, and the overall style you’re going for. You may find the charts in my guideto eyelash extension thickness helpful.

Where do you put eyelash spikes?

Eyelash spikes should be distributed evenly all throughout the lash line, about an equal distance from each other. To make things easier, you can apply them first, and even use them as “markers” for your lash map.

How much longer should the spike be from the base?

I almost never recommend going longer than 2 mm past the lash line, but spikes are the exception. I generally like to have the spikes be 2 mm longer than the base of the design, so I normally extend the natural lashes by 1 mm and then add spikes that extend by 3 mm. If your client has delicate lashes, you can purchase flat eyelash extensions that will keep the weight minimal.

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