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Food Bagging Machine for sale

Food Bagging Machine for sale
Food Bagging Machine for sale
Food Bagging Machine for sale
15.5KW 380V 50Hz
Driven type
Electric, pneumatic
Packing type
Soft bag
Core component
PLC, motor
A food bagging machine for sale is a specialized equipment that is designed to accurately and efficiently fill bags, sachets, or any other type of container with granular or powdered food. This machine can handle a wide range of food , includiing plant food .

The fully automatic bagging machine for sale is an equipement that integrates packaging bag forming, filling, and sealing . The bagging machine operates under the control of a high-speed PLC and achieves linear and stepless speed regulation for conveying. The filling capacity can be adjusted, and it is equipped with pneumatic pressure filling and sealing devices. The bagging machine for sale assembly line integrates machinery, electricity, and gas, is fully functional, and has stable performance.



  • The length of the packaging bag is determined by speed and time. The length or shortness of the bag should be adjusted. After adjusting the length of the film on the touch screen according to the output, the length of the required length can be reached.

  • The semi -automatic film device is used as a film, and the next volume is enabled. The head and tail of the upper and lower rolls are placed on the heat sealing device.

  • The squeezing exhaust system is driven by the main motor of the film as the initiative. If there is still more air in the water bottle, the position of the photoelectric position and the return ball valve must be adjusted to ensure that there are very small air in the bag as the standard. 


  • The bagging machine is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) that regulates the filling process. The PLC can be programmed to control the filling speed, the filling level, and the container positioning. It is also equipped with safety features that prevent spills and overfilling.

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The bagging machine is equipped with a hopper that is used for holding the fertilizer product. The hopper is connected to a conveyor belt that moves the fertilizer product towards the filling station. The filling station is equipped with a nozzle or a filling head that dispenses the fertilizer product into the container.


  • The bagging machine is also equipped with sensors that detect the weight of the container and stop the filling process once the desired weight is reached. The machine can be adjusted to fill different weights of fertilizer products into different types of containers.

  • The collar molding device is made of imported 304 pattern materials to reduce the resistance of the membrane during the journey. It is more important to increase the size of the bag after molding.


The bagging machine for sale is an automated system that can operate at a high speed, accuracy, and reliability, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. It can also be integrated with other filling equipment, such as sealing and labeling machines, to provide a complete packaging solution.

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Name: Lauren        time:2023-05-31 10:29:09
I've been using this filling machine for my food production business and it has been a great investment. It's easy to clean, has a high level of accuracy, and has saved me a lot of time and effort. Highly recommend!

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