Eyelash and Nail Salons are transforming to “fast paced”!

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Eyelash and Nail Salons are transforming to “fast paced”!

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  Influenced by Covid-19, many traditional eyelash and nail salons that have a higher charge are changing their minds. They used to be more “service-oriented” and are now more “product-oriented”. They are looking for a quick way to do eyelash extensions and nails. It is happening to many famous brands in China, the United States, and Europe countries.


What causes that change?


  Firstly, consumers’ purchasing power has declined under Covid-19. People are starting to seek more cost-effective beauty services and products.


  Secondly, salons can also reduce labor costs by paying more attention to products instead of services. On one hand, They can reduce the number of employees(eyelash/nails technicians). On the other hand, they reduce the training cost for the employees. By reducing the cost, it will attract more customers.


  At the same time, “Focus more on Product” is essential.

  In order for customers to get the same or better service at a lower price, the choice of products is quite important. Salons are in need of excellent products, such as faster lashes and press-on nails. In this way, service efficiency and sales rhythm can be improved while maintaining quality.


  It seems that the expensive and long-time eyelash and nail services are not quite suitable for the needs of the market during COVID-19.


  It will still take some time to keep an eye on if salons should switch from Salons to Shops.


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