Today's fast-paced life leads people to pay attention to efficiency in everything they do, and eyelash grafting is no exception. Generally, it takes 1-2 hours to go to the beauty shop to graft eyelashes, which is undoubtedly a challenge for the beauty industry compared with the current pace of life.

So in order to deal with these problems, we developed a new type of eyelashes that can be quickly grafted at home, and can last for a long time and have a variety of styles.

It combines the advantages of closely arranged eyelashes and pair eyelashes. It has both the durability of tightly arranged eyelashes and the characteristics of fast wearing of pair eyelashes.

It is packaged in segments, easy to take, and can be quickly grafted at home. It takes only about a cup of coffee to brew, and you can have a moving and shiny effect of grafting eyelashes. We have a variety of styles suitable for various occasions.