Color eyelash extension is always one of the most popular options for eyelash brands to differentiate their products. Different color lashes can help to deliver on-trend lash designs. The eyelash technicians will have access to create unique styles to make clients eyes pop with different colors.  

However, for colored eyelashes, color difference is a major problem that has been bothering customers. As an eyelash manufacturer, we are familiar that each batch of color lashes’ raw material we order from material vendor may be different. To most of the raw material factory in China, the color is hard to control.

A-RIX has our own raw material manufacturing partner. We use a high-temperature dyeing tinting process which can greatly improves color fastness. For each color, we have our own code on the chart for customer to choose, thus solving the color difference problem. Our production facilities are also among the best in China. The eyelash materials are manufactured with high color accuracy. And there are hundreds of colors to choose from.