Simple, easy, rapid fanning in one second are the comments we hear mostly from customers about easy fanning eyelash extensions. During the volume lash fans training course, we often hear students complain that making fans is too difficult and  the fans are always fall apart. It can’t be denied that learning to make eyelash fans is a difficult task. Why not try the rapid blooming eyelash extension product?

 Easy Fan eyelash extensions were created for a faster volume application. Our easy fan lash product has a little glue on the base and the fans does not shrink easily. 0.05/0.07 thickness easy fanning lashes in black and brown are available. We also have 0.03 cashemere easy fanning lashes for your choice. Most of the easy fan lashes on the market has three layers, we can use three different color for easy layer to make mixed color easy fanning lashes. Whats’ more, we can customize single-layer easy fanning for customers to make fans, like manual fans making.