Premade fan eyelash extensions are great for eyelash specialists looking to reduce application time. The volume lash fans are made in advance so that you can apply the fans directly.

There are usually 2D/3D/4D/5D/6D/8D/10D for options. We can produce big fans or small fans according to your request. Each fan can be made with different lengths or the same one. We also have long base and short base premade lash fans for you to choose from. Of course, we can also make your exclusive customized color fans.

Although there are maybe some problems with the premade fans such as loose roots, rigid shape, and too much glue on the base, It is still the faster way for volume lash application. We think it is the direction of every eyelash brand to create their own eyelash style with their customized eyelashes. We can discuss the direction of product development with customers and develop the related new products as long as customers have any demands. And because we have our own eyelash mold company, it is easier for us to make any of your ideas come true. We are willing to design products carefully for our customers.