Premade Lashes 0.05 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 12D 14D Supplies

Premade Lashes 0.05 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 12D 14D Supplies
Premade Lashes 0.05 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 12D 14D Supplies
Premade Lashes 0.05 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 12D 14D Supplies
Premade Lashes 0.05 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 12D 14D Supplies
Premade Lashes 0.05 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 12D 14D Supplies
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Pre made fans are volume fans made by eyelash manufacturer ahead of time instead of by lash artists. We can make 0.03/0.05/0.07 pre made fan lashes from 3D-20D, and we can customize the color pre made fans as your request. A special kind of glue is used to make the base well-bonded and the lash fans are not easy to fall apart. Because the fans are ready on each line, 0.05 premade fans are perfect for those lash artists who don’t know how to create hand made volume fans or those who what to reduce lash application time and offer express lashes.

0.05 mm Premade Lashes 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 12D 14D Supplies

It appears that you're looking for pre-made lash supplies with varying fan densities (D) and diameters (0.05) for creating different lash volume effects. Here's a breakdown of what each term means and the types of supplies you might be seeking:

Pre-made Lashes:

Pre-made lashes are pre-fanned lash clusters that are ready to use. They come in various fan densities and are designed to save time during lash extension applications.

Fan Densities (D):

  • 6D: A fan with 6 lash extensions per cluster.

  • 7D: A fan with 7 lash extensions per cluster.

  • 8D: A fan with 8 lash extensions per cluster.

  • 9D: A fan with 9 lash extensions per cluster.

  • 10D: A fan with 10 lash extensions per cluster.

  • 12D: A fan with 12 lash extensions per cluster.

  • 14D: A fan with 14 lash extensions per cluster.

Diameter (0.05):

The diameter of 0.05 refers to the thickness of each individual lash extension. A smaller diameter provides a lightweight and natural look.


To achieve the desired lash volume and look, you'll need the following supplies:

  • Pre-made lash clusters with the specified fan densities (6D, 7D, 8D, etc.) and diameter (0.05).

  • Eyelash adhesive (glue) formulated for volume lashes.

  • Tweezers or lash applicator tool for picking up and applying the lash clusters.

  • Lash adhesive holder or adhesive stickers for easy access to adhesive.

  • Lash palette or tile for organizing and placing lash clusters during application.

  • Lash cleansing solution for prepping natural lashes before application.

  • Lash primer to ensure a clean and oil-free lash surface.

  • Lash remover or adhesive remover for possible corrections or lash removal.

  • Mascara wands for brushing and separating the lash extensions.

  • Lash adhesive drying accelerator (optional) to speed up adhesive curing.

Before using any lash supplies, it's important to follow proper application techniques, adhere to hygiene practices, and prioritize the safety and comfort of your clients. If you're a beginner, consider seeking guidance from a professional lash artist or undergoing training to ensure you're using the supplies correctly and achieving the desired results.


Product introduction:

The pre-made fan-shaped individual eyelash extension is an eyelash extension, which is pre-made into a fan-shaped and designed to be applied to each natural eyelash separately. Unlike the classic single eyelash expansion, the pre-made eyelash expansion can save time in the application process and create a fuller and more dramatic appearance.

Prefabricated fan eyelashes are available in various sizes and styles, including different lengths, thicknesses and curls. They are usually made of synthetic fibers, such as PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). Our prefabricated fan-shaped eyelashes have different colors, such as black or brown, and other colors can be customized.

0.05 mm Premade Lashes Supplies

If you're looking for 0.05mm diameter pre-made lash supplies, here's a list of items you might need to create beautiful lash extensions with a natural and lightweight look:

0.05mm Pre-made Lash Clusters:

These are pre-fanned lash clusters with a diameter of 0.05mm. They come in various fan densities (6D, 7D, 8D, etc.) and are ready for application.

Eyelash Adhesive (Glue) for Volume Lashes:

Use adhesive specially formulated for volume lashes. Ensure it's designed to work with the diameter of the lashes you're using.

Lash Applicator Tool or Tweezers:

Tweezers or an applicator tool will help you pick up and place the lash clusters precisely on the natural lashes.

Lash Adhesive Holder or Adhesive Stickers:

These tools will help keep your adhesive within easy reach during application.

Lash Palette or Tile:

Use a palette or tile to organize and place the lash clusters while you work.

Lash Cleansing Solution:

Use a lash cleanser to prepare the natural lashes before applying extensions. This ensures a clean and oil-free surface for better adhesion.

Lash Primer:

A primer helps improve lash extension adhesion by removing any remaining oils or residue.

Lash Remover or Adhesive Remover:

Have a lash remover or adhesive remover on hand in case you need to make corrections or remove lash extensions.

Mascara Wands:

Use mascara wands to brush and separate the lash extensions for a natural appearance.

Lash Adhesive Drying Accelerator (Optional):

An accelerator can speed up the curing process of the adhesive, helping to reduce application time.

Lint-Free Applicators or Micro Brushes:

These tools are useful for applying adhesive to the lash clusters or for precise touch-ups.

Lash Glue Rings:

Glue rings are worn on your finger and hold a small amount of adhesive, making it convenient during application.

Lash Tape or Gel Pads:

These can be used to secure the lower lashes during application and protect the skin.

Under-Eye Patches:

Patches can be applied under the eyes to catch any excess adhesive or protect the skin.

Lash Extension Trays or Boxes:

Store your pre-made lash clusters in trays or boxes to keep them organized and protected.

Remember that proper technique, hygiene, and safety are essential when working with lash extensions. If you're new to lash extensions, it's highly recommended to seek training from a professional or attend a reputable lash extension course before attempting to use these supplies on clients.


Specification of Pre-made fan eyelashes:

Pre-made fan eyelashes are a popular choice for eyelash technicians and customers. The fast pace of life leads people to like the faster and more convenient application process. The numbers in the preformed eyelash specifications, such as 0.05, 6D, 7D, etc., indicate the thickness and style of eyelashes.

0.05 refers to the diameter of the clearance extension. Compared with thicker options such as 0.07 or 0.10, 0.05 is the thinner extension.

D represents the size and the number of eyelashes connected to a single extension. For example, 6D means that there are six eyelashes on each extension, creating a fuller and more dramatic appearance.

The higher the number behind D, the more eyelashes on each extension, creating a fuller and more dramatic appearance.







1. What Are 0.05mm Premade Lashes?

0.05mm premade lashes refer to pre-fanned lash clusters with a diameter of 0.05mm. These are lightweight lash extensions that can be used to create volume and enhance the natural lashes.

2. What Do the Fan Densities (6D, 7D, 8D, etc.) Mean?

Fan densities indicate the number of lash extensions in each cluster. For example, 6D means there are 6 lashes in each cluster, 7D means 7 lashes, and so on. Higher fan densities provide a more voluminous effect.

3. How Are These Lash Clusters Applied?

The lash clusters are typically picked up using tweezers or an applicator tool and are then attached to the natural lashes using lash adhesive.

4. What Type of Adhesive Should I Use?

Use adhesive specifically designed for volume lashes. Ensure that the adhesive is compatible with the diameter of the lash clusters you're using.

5. Can I Apply Different Fan Densities in One Set?

Yes, you can mix different fan densities to create a customized lash look. For example, you can use higher-density clusters on the outer corners for a cat-eye effect.

6. How Do I Apply These Lash Clusters?

Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the base of the lash cluster, wait for it to become tacky, and then carefully attach the cluster to the natural lash.

7. Are They Suitable for Beginners?

Using premade lash clusters requires some skill and practice. Beginners should consider seeking guidance from professionals or undergoing training before attempting to apply them.

8. How Long Do These Lashes Last?

The longevity of these lashes depends on factors like natural lash growth, aftercare, and maintenance. On average, they can last around 2 to 4 weeks.

9. How Do I Remove Them?

Gently peel off the lash clusters starting from the outer corner. If necessary, use a lash remover or adhesive remover to help with the process.

10. Can I Wear Makeup with These Lashes?

Yes, you can wear makeup with these lashes, but be cautious with oil-based products and heavy eye makeup.

11. How Do I Clean and Store These Lash Clusters?

Gently remove adhesive residue, clean with makeup remover if needed, and store them in their original packaging or a clean container to maintain their shape.

12. What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid?

Avoid using too much adhesive, placing the lash clusters too close to the waterline, and applying lashes that are too heavy for the natural lashes.

13. Where Can I Get Proper Training for Lash Extensions?

Look for reputable lash extension training courses in your area or online to learn proper application techniques and safety practices.

Remember that practicing safe and proper application techniques is crucial when working with lash extensions. Seek guidance from professionals and continue to refine your skills for the best results.

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These are definitely beginner friendly and easy to use for a quick and easy lash job. They are super soft which i think is always hard to find in lashes so i definitely recommend them!

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