What are exactly classic lashes?

What are exactly classic lashes?
We can see 'classic lash' in beauty salons and lash website.What are they work? Why call them classic lash? Who are they suitable for?What Are the Benefits of Wearing Them?How Long Do Classic Extensions Take to Apply?

So, What Exactly Are Classic Lash Extensions?

Classic lashes are also called 'one to one lash' which are specifically designed to have the most natural eyelash appearance.This means they are applied on a 1:1 ratio. More specifically, a single extension is attached to a single eyelash during application.

The end result is a much fuller look for your eyelashes that still looks natural. In terms of overall appearance, this makes your eyes much more captivating. Those who simply want to feel more confident in their appearance all wear classic eyelash extensions.

Why call them classic lash?

You may ask : how do i know if classic extensions are right for me? 

The answer is definitely yes! 

They are right for everyone.In another words,anyone can benefit from eyelash extensions. However, it really depends on how you plan to style your appearance.They can enhance any look and the degree of enhancement depends on your technician.Just because classic lashes are suitable for everyone, they are very classic. That's why they are called classic lashes firstly, and then more and more people called them 'classic lash'

How long do classic extensions take to apply?

Due to the fact that you must place an extension upon each eyelash, applying classic extensions isn't something that you can do in just a few minutes. It often takes approximately one to two hours to handle the application correctly.

What are the benefits of having classic eyelash extensions?

Firstly, there is a proven psychological effect that looking good has on people. 

Secondly, Wearing eyelash extensions can also help you take your look to the next level, making them perfect for a variety of different occasions. 

Thirdly, you can forego the need to use mascara if you use extensions.

Where Can I Find High-Quality Extensions?

Many people struggle to find high-quality extensions.It's essential that you do so, however. Using low-quality extensions is often worse than not using extensions at all.

Advantages of A-RIX Classic Lash?

  • Made with premium PBT fiber(D-BASF,DUPONT,TORYA)

  • Accurate thickness and length in each lash lines

  • Special technique make the curl stay curly longer

  • Strict Quality Control on each production process to keep a high quality

  • Special curl and color can be customized

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