Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies Private Label 0.15

Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies Private Label 0.15
Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies Private Label 0.15
Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies Private Label 0.15
Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies Private Label 0.15
Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies Private Label 0.15
Matte black
Main market
USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Poland,Japan,
Customized Packaging Accepted
Delivery date
7-30 days
0.15 classic eyelash extension is one of the most representative products of classic eyelash extension and one of the specifications that customers will purchase in large quantities. Our 0.15 classic lashes use softer and lightweight raw materials.The perfect 0.15 classic lash diameter works beautifully for almost every client and creates a gorgeous lash line, which can give both a natural or a dramatic lash look. We provide customization services of classic eyelash extension, including the package, the raw material of the eyelashes ,and the eyelash extensions color and so on.


Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies:

This indicates that you can purchase a large quantity of eyelash extension products, which may include lash trays, adhesive, tweezers, and other related items, at a wholesale price. Buying in bulk is often more cost-effective for businesses.

Private Label:

Private labeling allows you to brand the products with your own label, logo, and packaging. This way, you can market and sell the eyelash extension supplies under your own brand name.

0.15mm Diameter:

The diameter of 0.15mm refers to the thickness of each individual lash extension. This diameter is commonly used for classic lash extensions, which involve applying one lash extension to one natural lash.

If you're interested in offering these products under your private label, here are some steps you might consider:

Choose a Manufacturer or Supplier:

Research and find a reliable manufacturer or supplier that offers wholesale classic eyelash extension supplies with private label options.

Select Products:

Determine which eyelash extension supplies you want to offer, such as lash trays, adhesive, tweezers, and other accessories.

Design Your Private Label:

Create your own label, logo, and packaging design that reflects your brand identity.

Confirm Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

Inquire about the minimum quantity you need to order to get the wholesale and private label benefits.

Place an Order:

Once you've finalized the details, place an order for the selected products with your private label specifications.

Quality Check:

When you receive the products, perform a quality check to ensure they meet your standards.

Market and Sell:

Start marketing and selling your private label eyelash extension supplies to your customers.

Provide Aftercare Information:

Offer aftercare information and instructions to your customers to help them maintain their eyelash extensions.

Please note that the above steps are a general guideline. It's important to research, plan, and collaborate with manufacturers or suppliers to ensure a successful private label venture. Additionally, consider factors like pricing, customer support, and building a strong brand presence in the eyelash extension market.


Classic eyelash extension product customization:

Classic eyelash extension, made of Korean PBT raw materials, 100% pure handwork, zero cruelty, lasting curvature, 2mm aluminum tape, curvature support J/B/C/C+/D+/L/LC/LD/M, length support 6-22mm, OEM wholesale quantity is 500 boxes, delivery period is about 7-30 days, TT and other payment methods are supported, please contact our sales contact for confirmation.


How to customize the classic eyelash extension:

1. First, you need to provide us with the eyelash specifications you want, such as the thickness, curvature and length of eyelashes

2. Secondly, choose the eyelash materials you want. Most of our eyelashes are made of Korean PBT materials, which are soft, light and glossy, and are one of the high quality eyelash materials on the market. Of course, you can also ask us to customize other raw materials according to your requirements.

3. After the raw materials and specifications of eyelashes are determined, we need to confirm the design of the bottom card, label and outer package. You just need to provide your ideas and logo. We have our own designers who can implement your ideas according to your requirements. The design draft will be sent to you for confirmation. If there is no problem, we will carry out bulk production. You just need to wait for the receipt of the remaining time.


About the classic eyelash extension box Material:

We support the customization of eyelash packaging, and can provide free outer packaging design. We also have a variety of materials to choose from for packaging box materials: injection molding box, blister box, cardboard box, magnet box and other materials. Please contact us for samples.


1. What Are Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension Supplies with Private Label 0.15mm?

These are bulk quantities of traditional eyelash extension products, including lash trays, adhesive, and accessories, available for purchase at wholesale prices. The supplies can be customized with your own private label, logo, and branding.

2. What Does "Classic" Eyelash Extension Mean?

Classic eyelash extensions involve applying one individual extension to one natural lash. This technique provides a natural and enhanced look.

3. What Is the Diameter of the Eyelash Extensions?

The eyelash extensions have a diameter of 0.15mm, which refers to the thickness of each individual lash extension. This diameter is commonly used for classic lash application.

4. What Are Private Label Options?

Private label options allow you to customize the products with your own branding, logo, and packaging. This enables you to create a unique brand identity for the eyelash extension supplies.

5. What Products Are Included in the Wholesale Supplies?

The wholesale classic eyelash extension supplies may include lash trays, adhesive, tweezers, under-eye patches, and other related accessories.

6. How Do I Get Started with Private Labeling?

To get started, choose a reliable manufacturer or supplier that offers private label options. Design your label and packaging, confirm the minimum order quantity (MOQ), and place your order.

7. How Do I Apply Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are applied by isolating one natural lash and attaching one individual extension to it using lash adhesive. This technique provides a natural and defined look.

8. Can I Customize the Packaging and Branding?

Yes, you can customize the packaging and branding of the eyelash extension supplies with your own private label design.

9. Are Classic Eyelash Extensions Suitable for Everyone?

Classic eyelash extensions are suitable for clients looking for a natural enhancement. However, the lash technician should assess the client's natural lashes and discuss their preferences before application.

10. How Long Do Classic Eyelash Extensions Last?

The longevity of classic eyelash extensions varies based on factors such as natural lash growth cycle and aftercare. On average, they can last 2 to 4 weeks before requiring a touch-up.

11. Are There Aftercare Instructions for Clients?

Yes, provide your clients with aftercare instructions to help them maintain the longevity and appearance of their classic eyelash extensions.

12. Can I Offer Classic Eyelash Extensions with Different Lengths and Curls?

Yes, many manufacturers offer a variety of lengths and curls for classic eyelash extensions. You can customize the look based on your client's preferences.

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