A new eyelash grafting practice head !!!

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A new eyelash grafting practice head !!!
Mannequin head with replacement eyelids is a new product of our company. Compared with the traditional personal eyelash practice head, this product has the characteristics of reusability and can reduce the practice cost of grafting eyelashes. The touch of the eyes is really close to the real skin, giving the trainees the most real grafting experience.

Generally, a single eyelash practice head is a manikin head specially designed for practicing single eyelash extension. It is usually made of synthetic materials simulating human hair, with realistic texture and length. The head allows beauty lovers and beauty professionals to practice their eyelash extension technology without causing damage to the eyes of real people. The head is equipped with a safety accessory or clamp, which can be fixed on a flat surface by users, so that they can work freely with both hands. Sometimes, the head also has a simulated eye design to create a real human eyelash extension experience.


The traditional single eyelash practice head can only be used once. The eyelids and eyelashes of our new product practice head can be assembled and disassembled. The face shape uses 3D printing technology to simulate the face shape and facial features of a real person. The eyelids are made of silicone material, which is soft and close to the real skin state of the human body. The eyelashes part uses pure manual lashing method, so that the eyelashes are arranged naturally like the natural eyelashes of a person, so that the practitioners can have a more real grafting experience.

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And our product is not a one-time product. You can have unlimited use times by purchasing replacement eyelids separately after one purchase. Reduce your practice costs.

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